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Soy Libre De Ser Yo!

“Soy libre ser yo, por eso puedo practicar tae kwon do”, “¿Y qué tiene que se vista así?, ella es libre de usar lo que le guste”, “Él también puede llorar, ¿Qué importa si es niño?”. Es cuando escucho todo … Continued

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You are perfectly imperfect

Antranik Antelias Girl Scouts had really fun during the free being me activities. We accomplished almost every stage in the Free Being Me program provided by WAGGGS. And this year we are going to spread the awareness of ‘women’s empowerment’ … Continued

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Rachel’s Free Being Me story

There is a global body confidence revolution happening and Free Being Me is at the heart of it. The programme has not only boosted the body confidence of girls I’ve worked with, but it’s also changed my own life. As a … Continued

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Last night, I ran my first #free being me# session as a Girl’s Guide

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Women in the World: Generation Girl

In October, 27 young women from WAGGGS were selected to participate in an incredible event. They were to attend the high profile Women in the World summit in London, UK, and beforehand, to participate in three days of incredible workshops, … Continued

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FBM Fun Day in Grenada!

A national Fun Day was planned by trained leaders as part of their action plan to inform, promote and involve girls and boys in practical fun activities based on the Free Being Me Program. The day began with a short certificate … Continued

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El campamento nacional – Panamá

En el campamento nacional del 2015 se trabajó el programa “Libre de ser yo” en todas las ramas. Siendo aún cadete, la directora de campamento me dio la oportunidad de coordinar la rama de abejitas (niñas de 6 a 10 … Continued

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Appreciate everything!

We learned to love ourselves more and appreciate everything God gives us…this will make us feel happy and allow us to live our lives to the fullest.

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Libre de Ser Yo en Costa Rica

Una joven de la Tropa Valquirias del Grupo 44 Costa Rica, se propuso como proyecto trabajar con algunas de sus guías el programa Libre de ser yo e impartirlo los niños de la sección menor de Manada Daré. Un excelente … Continued

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