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Free Being Tree

Activity: TREE This activity tells us that the roots serve as a foundation of the self confidence of a person, the trunk promotes self-esteem, the branches are for reaching other peoples’ personalities and interests and the fruit and leaves that … Continued

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Free Being Me Press Conference in Taiwan

On February 20th, 53 girls from Hsinchu city, Taiwan finished the Free Being Me program. The girls held a “ Free Being Me Press Conference in Taiwan” to display their magazine cover and their ideas of defining the image myth, costs … Continued

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Everyone enjoyed it too the fullest

Hi! I am from India I loved this session of Free Being Me. Completely free sessions didn’t even look like a session Everyone enjoyed it too the fullest I was in camp from 26-30/4/16

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Overcoming challenges in our lives

We talked about our real life experienced of overcoming difficult challenges in our lives. In our country many children come from broken homes and single parent homes. We gave each girl an opportunity to tell us what she worries about … Continued

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Public Service Announcement

Our troop enjoyed this fun “Free To Be Me” project. We got to discuss how girls our age should feel about themselves in a positive light. Now in the media we are told that we have to live up to … Continued

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Free Being Me weekend kicks off in Sweden

Day 1: Finally Free Being Me has started in Sweden! This weekend, scout leaders from all over Sweden have gathered in the archipelago of Stockholm to learn about the programme. We have gotten a deeper understanding of the activity packs and … Continued

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