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Currently I don´t work with any group. I only work as secretary of the Board in my country. My story is more my experience through eight years of working with girls of sixth grade in a school called Monte María. … Continued

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Scouterna launch Free Being Me

Scouterna, the Swedish Guides and Scouts have officially launched Free Being Me!   The body confidence revolution has started in Sweden. After a national training event in April, leaders across the country will be rolling out Free Being Me in their troops throughout … Continued

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Its just a myth

Eyebrows on flick, fair skin, voluminous hair and almond-shaped. The girls of Iloilo Council looked for their “Perfect Looking Girl” and through this activity that the Society is just dictating to us what a perfect girl looks like. But its … Continued

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Everyone enjoyed it too the fullest

Hi! I am from India I loved this session of Free Being Me. Completely free sessions didn’t even look like a session Everyone enjoyed it too the fullest I was in camp from 26-30/4/16

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Taking Action in Grenada!

The Free Being Me program was an exciting, eye opener for the 62 girls that took part in the program. Their self-esteem and the acceptance of who they are was realised. But the most rewarding part was sharing the concept … Continued

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